All Trails App

I often get asked how I know about and find all these hiking trails in San Diego County. People assumed I had to do extensive research online or had been shown these trails before but that’s not it at all. I find most of the hikes I go on in an app on my phone!... Continue Reading →


Iron Mountain Hiking Trail

On March 1st a couple friends and I decided to get outside and go for a hike with our dogs. We choose Iron Mountain Hiking trail in Poway, CA which is about 30 minutes from Encinitas, CA.  This hike is listed as a 6 mile hike and I would rate it a 6/10 difficulty due to... Continue Reading →

Manchester Preserve Hiking Trail

As a dog owner I know how important it is to keep your dog active and healthy by walking them. But you may be like me and hate the same old boring walk around your neighborhood. Then, Manchester Preserve Hiking trails might be just be the place for you! It a short 1.7-mile dog friendly... Continue Reading →

Beach Hikes

Beaches are the best part of living in San Diego by far. There is nothing better to do than on a hot day go hang out down at the beach with your friends. But have you ever wondered how much better the beach would be if your dog was able to come? Most beaches do... Continue Reading →

Annie’s Canyon Trail

One of the absolute best hikes in north county San Diego, Annie’s Canyon Trail is located in the Solana Beach, CA. This trail goes through the San Elijo Lagoon and offers a wide range of scenery. From the rivers and lagoon on one side, to sand stone hills and trees on the other, this hike... Continue Reading →

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